National Strategy for Combating Terrorism - Strategic Vision

Terrorism Collage. 9/11, USS Cole, Embassy bombings.

The President issued the latest National Strategy for Combating Terrorism in September 2006. It builds directly from the 2006 NSS and updates the February 2003 National Strategy for Combating Terrorism.

From the beginning, the War on Terror has been both a battle of arms and a battle of ideas - " a fight against the terrorists and their ideology." In the short run, the fight involves the application of all instruments of national power and influence to kill or capture the terrorists; deny them safehaven and control of any nation; prevent them from gaining access to WMD; render potential terrorist targets less attractive by strengthening security; and cut off their sources of funding and other resources they need to operate and survive.

In the long run, winning the War on Terror means winning the battle of ideas. The United States will continue to lead an expansive international effort in pursuit of a two-pronged vision:

  • The defeat of violent extremism as a threat to our way of life as a free and open society; and
  • The creation of a global environment inhospitable to violent extremists and all who support them.